This isn’t happening… It’s only a dream…

No.  It’s not…

You aren’t dreaming- Phantasm II is finally being released in a proper collector’s edition with all the trimmings.  The gory, delicious trimmings.

This was always one of my fav horror movies- I liked it even better than the first one.  The Phantasm movies were always small part art house mindfuckery and big part horror movie with extra creep factor thrown in, but this one went over the top with it’s awesome practical gore effects and insane atmosphere.  As a matter of fact, the movie is mostly atmosphere- the acting is passable and the storyline is interesting but goofy and confusing in places, so you just have to kick back and let it happen; observe the insanity and  the script will just keep throwing cool things into the mix.  It’s like the movie Rob Zombie would make if he wasn’t so hung up on producing 2 hour rock videos with no soul.

The story is about the kid (Mike, now played by James LeGros (Drugstore Cowboy, Bitter Feast)) from the first movie getting back together with his brother to follow the Tall Man’s (Angus Scrimm) calvacade of carnage through towns he’s destroyed and catch up with him, to hopefully stop him.  

It features a Audio Commentary with director/writer Don Coscarelli and actors Angus Scrimm and Reggie Banister; “The Ball is Back!” Documentary (which has new interviews with director and primary cast members; several behind the scenes footage featurettes; trailers; still gallerys; alternate takes and deleted scenes; a 4 barrel shotgun, acid embalming, head drilling, a chainsaw that would make Leatherface blush, and of course the famous flying silver spheres with drills and blades and other tools of carnage popping out of them.
And, just to sweeten the deal even more, a rare short film starring Rory Guy (aka Angus Scrimm) as Abraham Lincoln.

It comes out 3/26/13 on dvd and Blu Ray from the awesome Scream Factory.

I haven’t seen Don Coscarelli’s new movie Jon Dies At the End yet, but I hear it’s killer.  Looking forward to it as well…

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