The original Texas Chain Saw Massacre restored and returning to theaters this summer



It appears that the restoration of the original 1973 Texas Chain Saw Massacre that was planned for a re-release in 2013 has finally been completed (just in time for it’s 40th anniversary). ┬áThe restoration evidently took far longer than anticipated, as they used the original 16 mm film rolls which were saturated with scratches, chemical stains, tears, dirt, and glue splices that all had to be painstakingly repaired and color corrected, frame by frame.

It also features a newly remastered 7.1 soundtrack overseen by director (and composer) Tobe Hooper.

It was completed in time to be screened at South By Southwest in Autin on March 10th, then receive a theatrical re-release in summer 2014.tcm4

We here at Post Modern Trashaeology ┬áconsider it to be one of the greatest and definitely one of our top 5 most favorite horror movies of all time, so we eagerly await it’s arrival (tho we wonder if digitizing it and taking all of the grit off will make it lose some of it’s charm and actual ‘this could be real’ amateur feel).
tcm9 tcm8

A dvd and blu ray rerelease are expected as well…


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