Steve Albini interview from 1994

Here is a great interview with Steve Albini (BIG BLACK, RAPEMAN, SHELLAC) who’s opinions on music and promotion and art I have always admired.  He’s produced so many releases by so many bands (both huge and extremely underground) and is so opinionated that it’s always entertaining and informative to hear what he has to say.

This interview is from an old ‘zine called Under The Volcano which focused mostly on punk and pop punk, but also had a large dose of other forms of early ’90s music and culture (Am Rep, grunge, indie rock, shoegaze, industrial, etc.).  For some reason I only have a small chunk of this particular issue (the rest got torn off and thrown away I guess), but at least it included this interview, from issue #20 (June 1994).  Enjoy…

IMG_0001 IMG_0002IMG_0003

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