Adversity ‘zine #5



And we’re back- we were off for about a month for technical difficulties (I know you missed us), but now we’ve returned.  We listened to some of your suggestions and made the site much easier to navigate and find things on (all the movies and ‘zines now have their own links, for example===>).

We’ve returned to tell about the awesome extreme music (death metal, thrash metal, hardcore, grindcore, noizecore) ‘zine Adversity.  This issue came out at the end of 1990 from Connecticut (but wasn’t full of straight-edge hardcore).  The interviews and reviews were (mostly) short and sweet, but there were interviews from several bands you don’t see interviewed very often (and look at how pleasant a young Seth Putnam was in the ANAL CUNT interview) such as the grindy American ATROCITY and 7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA.

Here’s several pages for you to peruse:
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