Subhuman ‘zine #15



Subhuman was an awesome little ‘zine put out by an old Louisiana punker (he was in that band Toxin III) named Cecil Doyle.  It started out as a more horror-centric title, but quickly became filled with sleaze and exploitation and whatever other offbeat things captivated him and his contributors (tho it usually involved sleaze and exploitation).

Perfectly written in a humorous but informative manner, the only complaint I’d have is that each issue was just too damn short (and there weren’t many of them- about 19 I believe).  You could probably fit every page of every issue into one regular sized magazine, so every issue left you wanting more.

In his interview in the amazing new book Xerox Ferox, Cecil reveals that such people as Quentin Tarantino and Rob Zombie were on his subscription list (before either of them really did anything), and that Lux Interior called him up and asked him for all of his back issues (which he sent to him, including some he only had one copy of).

Read on for a good sized taste of issue #15…

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