Brutarian ‘zine #8



Brutarian was a fairly thick (and fairly sick) ‘zine that evidently ate only brutes.  All of the articles were pretty long, in depth, and well written, and focused on whatever suited their fancy (usually music (punk, metal, industrial, and “college rock” type stuff), film, books, fringe culture, and lots of art and comics).  They had a lot of contributers (including my old buddy Keith Brewer from A Taste Of Bile ‘zine who mostly wrote music reviews in this) so had a large talent pool to draw from, and that’s why their articles were so top-notch.  Some issues even came with a flexi disc record.

If you can get your hands on one, they’re well worth checking out.  I have heard conflicting reports that they are still publishing, and I know they put issues out all the way into at least 2008.  Their web presence is kind of vague.

This issue featured a humorous interview with THE MENTORS (including El Duce (R.I.P.)), plus a lot of different movie and music review columns, as well as ‘specialized’ columns on many various things that the writers wanted to write about (including sex, New York, Andre the Giant, and others that ramble on about several fascinating topics) and loads of comics (including one by Mike Diana, who got arrested because of his art).  There are also quite a few in depth book reviews to round it all out.

Brutarian was an awesome magazine, and I hope it’s still around.  Here’s some pages for you to peruse:

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