Videooze Paul Nachy Special


Paul Naschy was born on Sept 6, 1934 and died 4 years ago today (Nov 30, 2009).  Known as one of the most recognizable Spanish horror actors (he has played most of the classic monsters in grimy Spanish horror films, but is most well known for his werewolf films), I’ve heard him called the Spanish Lon Chaney.  He also wrote and directed a number of the films he was in, considered classics by Euro horror and Eurosleaze fans.

Videooze magazine came out with a very loving and informational tribute double issue to him in 1994, which was different than their usual mix of reviews and articles about many different films and their actors and makers (all mostly genre ones, of course).  It included a long interview and a list of his movies released (up to that time), including comments from him for each one (this was a valuable resource back in the days before the internet and IMDB).

So enjoy some pages (and the entire interview) on this anniversary of his death, and check out some of his movies…

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