Big Ass Spider! (2013)


This was quite an entertaining movie.  You don’t go into a movie called Big Ass Spider! expecting Citizen Kane Part 2, however this one was much better than I expected.  If you are expecting something like the Sci-Fi (errr… Sy Fy) Channel original movies (which this kind of resembles), this is far more entertaining, and much better in most every way.  It is quite campy (on purpose of course) but not really groan inducing, and the way it’s put together makes you want to go along on the fun ride.  Really more comedy than horror, it’s also a lot more clever than you’d expect it to be (this is where it really tops the brain dead Sy Fy movies).

The set up: a mutant spider accidently gets shipped to a hospital in L.A., and the military has to go in and try to stop it.  Meanwhile, down on his luck exterminator Alex (the likable Greg Grunberg- who played the psychic cop on Heroes) happens to get caught in the middle.

Also starring Ray Wise as the leader of the military group and Clare Kramer (rogue goddess Glory from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) as the love interest, Lloyd Kaufman shows up as a jogger, Lin Shaye as a kindly cat woman who Alex exterminates for, and Fangoria/ Starlog producer Terry O Quinn as a hospital patient.
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The only thing I’d change about it is make it R instead of PG-13, however that did not hurt it much- it’s still a lot of fun and very entertaining, racial stereotypes and predictable plot developments notwithstanding.
Just turn off your mind, make some popcorn, and settle in for some goofy creature feature fun.  bas6