Screem #3


Screem is almost not a ‘zine- as a matter of fact, I think it later became glossy and was distributed through a real magazine distributor. But it always felt like it was assembled in someone’s bedroom with love, and photocopied at Kinko’s.

Tho primarily a film magazine, they also covered music and other mondo topics. Each issue was pretty fun to read and contained a lot of stuff packed in. This issue featured long articles on the Ed Gein movie Deranged, and Alejandro Jodorowsky; an interview with Danny Mills (who played the chicken raper in John Water’s Pink Flamingos); shorter articles on Coffin Joe, the return of Famous Monsters of Filmland, the Chiller Theatre convention, and the 1956 movie The Werewolf; a G.G. Allin obituary; news; book, movie, music, and collectable card reviews; letters, and more. If you ever see an issue of Screem at a comic shop or anywhere, it’s worth picking up.

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