Asian Movie Month ‘Zine #2: F.E.T.U. #4


Released in 1988, the 4th issue of F.E.T.U. (Far East Thrashcore Union) came straight out of Tokyo and featured interviews with bands from all over (including SAVAGE THRUST, HADES, SYSTEMATIC DEATH, AGONY, DISARM, SACRIFICE, HOLY MOSES,  and CASBAH, , but had a lot of news, reviews, and interviews with Japanese bands you didn’t see much in other ‘zines.  It was the offbeat (for a ‘zine) comic book size and professionally printed, but black and white.  I really liked their demo review section, with each demo getting it’s own little info box telling information about it.
There were small parts of it in Japanese, but most of it was in English.  It’s style was very no nonsense and to the point.  I remember discovering HELLCHILD and ASBESTOS because of this ‘zine.  It also featured live show reviews, scene reports,  and an opinion piece on how to make your ‘zine more original.
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Uniforce ‘zine #6

uniforce #6_0001

Uniforce was a fairly long running (for an underground ‘zine) hardcore and extreme metal ‘zine put out by Mark Sawickis, guitarist for cult horror obsessed grind/ death band IMPETIGO.  It was an underground mainstay in a time when ‘zines were the veins that spread the blood of music information to the underground fans and people who were into it.
It always featured a lot of interviews (including some with bigger bands that often didn’t answer interviews with little ‘zines) and reviews; and included reviews of albums, demos, and even music that a lot of underground ‘zines ignored (more commercial metal and rock bands).

This issue was a return to a full-size ‘zine after trying out a digest sized one (that was incredibly thick), and featured a bunch of ads (mostly for other ‘zines), and some show reviews, but mostly it contained interviews and reviews (no frills no filler).  The reviews were earnest and unpretentious and honest (but positive- I never saw him rip on something, even if he didn’t like it much).  The layout was unspectacular, but like I said the music was the #1 focus, everything else was unimportant.

uniforce #6_0002uniforce #6_0003 uniforce #6_0004 uniforce #6_0005uniforce #6_0006 uniforce #6_0007 uniforce #6_0008 uniforce #6_0009 uniforce #6_0010 uniforce #6_0011


Poison Planet ‘zine #2

pp clover

Poison Planet was put out by Ty Smith (who I recently found out passed away a couple of years ago- R.I.P.) of the old hardcore band RESIST (as well as the short-lived but awesome NAMLAND with members of IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER), and featured a good mix of hardcore, punk, grindcore, straight edge, and death metal.  Most every band he featured was pretty bad ass, and he also did show and ‘zine reviews, had some funny art and comics (mostly stolen from other sources), and did longer reviews (and even reviewed a few more mainstream things like RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS and FAITH NO MORE- he has a very broad musical taste and his own unique opinions, even giving good reviews to things that a lot of underground ‘zines panned like VOIVOD’s Nothingface and later DIE KREUZEN (yuck!) ) that seemed pretty thought out.  The interviews were fairly short (tho he did some with bands you didn’t see interviewed much, such as BROTHERHOOD, who featured a young Greg Anderson who went on to found Southern Lord records and play guitar in the bands  GOATSNAKE, SUNN 0))), THORRS HAMMER, and a bunch more) and he also did a few articles on bands where he wrote a longer bio for them.


poison planet 2_0010 poison planet 2_0009 poison planet 2_0008 poison planet 2_0007 poison planet 2_0006 poison planet 2_0002 poison planet 2_0003 poison planet 2_0004 poison planet 2_0005