Thrashcore ‘zine #4


This time the random ‘zine generator chose Thrashcore ‘zine,  from my neighbors in Louisiana, which mostly featured what the name described- thrash and hardcore.  The editor still does a ‘zine today called Paranoise (  The layouts in Thrashcore are pretty simple and undynamic, but there are interviews with a lot of good bands you don’t see interviewed a lot, so that’s a real draw.  It also featured a small review section with shorter ‘blurb’ type reviews by editor Bobby plus several guest reviewers (including ex-Soilent Green vocalist Glenn Rambo (R.I.P.) and EyeHateGod/ Soilent Green member Brian Patton).

Here are some pages, reproduced for your perusal:

IMG_0002 IMG_0014IMG_0003IMG_0004IMGIMG_0005 IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0008 IMG_0009IMG_0013IMG_0012