Trash Compactor ‘zine vol 2 #5

trash compactor2.5_0001


Trash Compactor was a Canadian film ‘zine that came out in the late ’80s/ early ’90s, and unlike most other ‘zines every issue had a theme.  Some of the themes included ‘Obnoxious Hippy Movies’, ‘Gay Movies and Culture’ and ‘Made In Japan’.

This issue we’re focusing on centered around actor/ producer John Ashley (Apocalypse Now!How To Make a Monster2001: A Space OdysseyFrankenstein’s DaughterHell On WheelsThe Big Doll House, tons more), and includes several articles on him (including a biography and top 10 film reviews), filmography, and even a recent (at the time) interview.  On top of that, it also includes some art (contributed by readers?  It doesn’t really say), a few other movie reviews (besides the John Ashley ones), some ‘zine reviews (including my old ‘zine Chunk Blower), part 2 of an article about comic artist Basil Wolverton, and an article on Charles Schulz.  44 pages in all.

The writing in it is a little dry and academic, which isn’t my preference, but it was still a fairly nifty little ‘zine…

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