Senil Nekrofil #2

senile necrohile_0001


Senil Nekrofil was a ‘zine from Sweden that focused on the extreme of extreme music- grindcore, noisecore, and the heaviest of death metal (the editor didn’t even like TERRORIZER!).  It had an appealing layout that looked like a little more care and work was put into it than most desktop publishing ‘zines, and included a bunch of interviews and a few music reviews (most ‘zines were the other way around), plus a few movie and ‘zine reviews and a very small bit of commentary.  There were larger ‘focus’ pages on certain bands as well (longer than the little blurb reviews), and overall this was a pretty cool little half-sized ‘zine.  Not much else to say, except check some of it out below…

senile necrohile_0002 senile necrohile_0003 senile necrohile_0004 senile necrohile_0005 senile necrohile_0006 senile necrohile_0007 senile necrohile_0008 senile necrohile_0009