Senil Nekrofil #2

senile necrohile_0001


Senil Nekrofil was a ‘zine from Sweden that focused on the extreme of extreme music- grindcore, noisecore, and the heaviest of death metal (the editor didn’t even like TERRORIZER!).  It had an appealing layout that looked like a little more care and work was put into it than most desktop publishing ‘zines, and included a bunch of interviews and a few music reviews (most ‘zines were the other way around), plus a few movie and ‘zine reviews and a very small bit of commentary.  There were larger ‘focus’ pages on certain bands as well (longer than the little blurb reviews), and overall this was a pretty cool little half-sized ‘zine.  Not much else to say, except check some of it out below…

senile necrohile_0002 senile necrohile_0003 senile necrohile_0004 senile necrohile_0005 senile necrohile_0006 senile necrohile_0007 senile necrohile_0008 senile necrohile_0009

Phoenix Militia #8

pheonix militia_0001


This was Bill Steer’s (from CARCASS/ NAPALM DEATH at the time) old ‘zine (and the cover was done by Jeff Walker, also from CARCASS (and who did NAPALM DEATH’s Scum album cover).

Bill and his fellow editor Pek did a fine little ‘zine which featured a lot of crust/ stenchcore bands, as well as death metal, thrash metal, black metal, hardcore, punk, and grindcore.  They would do several lengthy interviews each issue, plus several shorter interviews and few mini interviews.  They’d also do a bunch of shorter demo/ record/ and ‘zine reviews, plus a few slightly longer features on bands they liked.  They asked a lot of political and social questions (particularly a lot about veganisn) and a lot of more intelligent questions (rather than the usual questions most ‘zines asked).  They also didn’t have many ads in their ‘zine, unlike most ‘zines of the time.

I think this was the last issue they ever did…

pheonix militia_0002pheonix militia_0003 pheonix militia_0004pheonix militia_0005 pheonix militia_0006 pheonix militia_0007pheonix militia_0008 pheonix militia_0009 pheonix militia_0010 pheonix militia_0011